[New Feature]
1.Pass WHQL certification for Windows XP 32 bit
[New Feature]
1.Support Windows XP 64 bit
[Bug Fix]
1.Remove the entry refering "V.42bis", since none of our modem supports this protocol
[New Feature]
1. Pass WHQL certification for Windows Vista 32 bit
2. Pass WHQL certification for Windows Vista 64 bit
[New Feature]
1.Support Win 7 32 bit
2.Support Win 7 64 bit
3.Remove the Installer.dll
[New Feature]
1.Support Windows 2003
[New Feature]
1.Support Device VID_0E8D&PID_0023&MI_00
Support Device VID_0E8D&PID_0023&MI_02
[Bug Fix]
1. Add the usbser.sys reference in the *.inf file .Since in Clean OS will need this reference to reference the correct driver file.
[New Feature]
1. Add Remove command , User can remove the driver with command , As Notes section described.
[New Feature]
1.Add Bat file to release remove feature
1. The first version of the MTK USB Com Port driver , This driver is developing to replace the USB Com Port Driver Named usbser.sys that from Microsoft
Download MTKUSB Driver v1.1032.1
Download MTKUSB Driver v1.1121.0

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